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All projects start somewhere, some keep going, for me, Quest is one of those

Quest: A Masquerade is a fantasy adventure comic jam packed with hilarious characters, colorful magic, and more than your usual share of bad luck.

If you've been reading along, you'll know this comic tells to story of a flighty wizard, a thrill-seeking gnome, a cynical and hungry midget, a clueless paladin, a homesick noblesse, and a swashbuckling adventurer. It may be less obvious, however, that they are caught up in events that may someday change their world.

None of them asked for this responsibility, I dare say, few of them want it, but it seems to be their fate.

Fate, I believe, is the final element to this story. Is it something we can change, or is our history already written, and we must play our parts like actors in a screen play. Hopefully this is a concept that will be developed more fully as the comic progresses.

* * *

A Bit of History

Quest came to be for silly reasons really. I'd graduated from high school and was taking a year off to travel with my folks. We were going on a road trip and I needed something to do with the undoubtedly long hours of down time I would endure. So I decided to draw a comic.

I had dabbled consistently in art since I was small, but found little satisfaction or inspiration in isolated drawings. Never having stumbled upon Marvel or DC comics as a child my first introduction to graphic storytelling was, you may have guessed by now, online webcomics. I'd read them all throughout high school and found them quite fascinating. I'd been itching to try my hand at the genre, but had not had the time to dedicate to such pursuits. Freed of this restraint I cast around for a story idea.

A suitable plot wasn't hard to find. My sister and I had been DMing a rather involved DnD campaign for several years. We enjoyed rehashing the antics of our PCs and retelling our favorite adventures and mishaps. The real joy of the campaign was that the players had been able to truly develop their characters into interesting people with a place in the world. It was a great time and I didn't want to lose it to abstract corridors of memory. I decided to illustrate the entire campaign.

These days the campaign is long over, and I often think my friends have left me behind in my daydreams of far off worlds, great events and strange creatures. Still I enjoy telling the story, and think I've gotten rather better at it over the years. So I hope you, the reader, will stick with me and I continue to pen this epic tale.

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